Selasa, 5 Mac 2013

Swipe with Wave

The background of this design using the combination of
wave and the main color is purple and magenta.. Nowadays
many people are likely to use magenta or purple to make it more
or less trending.. This design is called Mag-wave..

This is the second design it called Fairy-wave.. The concept
of this design is very exclusive and elegant that why i'm
using grey and purple color.. The main concept to make the wave
and to brighten on the bottom right as the expression of
the fairy wing..

This is the third design and its called Uni-wave.. The concept is by
using galaxy and the combination of wave in the middle..
The text color is white to make it more contrast from the
background so that it is easy to read the card bank number and
the valid thru..

This is the fourth design which is named as Silver Night.
The tallest skyscraper are selected to be the main part of this
design which symbolizes our nation's greatest achievement, yet.
A grayish background was chosen to express the harmony in Malaysia.

This post is for Nuffnang competition designing a new youth
credit card.. With this i attach 4 design that i created..
The size of the card is 2022px x 1275px.. Thank you..


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